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CUFA "University Center for Accelerated Training", is a space for all students wishing to enrich their academic experience. With a varied palette of projects, among them cufa training that offers training in several professional fields "health, tourism, digital, audiovisual, language, management ..."; namely quality control, amdeus, dev web, adobe, russian language, HRG.... .
The student by joining cufa wins academically by broadening his scientific knowledge and specialization in various research topics, and on the professional level by contact with the field and creation of his network of knowledge and friendships.

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Our Misssion

Create a generation with knowledge and know-how.

Train young people in several fields.

Offer internship and exchange opportunities to motivated and engaged people.

See young people trained and informed in different fields.

Our projects

Cufa Formation

are access training in distinct areas that meet the current needs of young people.

Cufa Cours

The excellence of higher education for online courses, free and open to all, available in cufa website .

Cufa Talks

This project consists of organizing various specialized conferences in different fields with an interactive method.

Cufa Competition

an annual competition in four categories: volunteers, ambassadors coach and trainer , compete for the title the best of the year.

Cufa Camp

cufa camp is an educational and cross-cultural experience for young people who seek to develop them-selves.

Cufa Fair

is an exhibition for all the companies and organization that can help the students in their academic and proffisional career.

Grow with CUFA

a varied range of internships, exchange, seasonal work and much more cufa gives you the professional experience you need.

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