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Details all Thing About This Event

The competition of CUFA comp attendance is a chance to attend the comp that offers training in several professional fields "health,tourism, digital, audiovisual, language, management ..." by international coachs and speakers.

How to apply ?

  • First Step : Film yourself delivering 5 minute video summary, entertaining the following questions:
    1. Introduce yourself 
    2. Talk about your professional , academic and researching goals. 
    3. Why you are participating in CUFA camp ? how it will help your career ?
    4. Why do you think you are one of the best participants?

Note: The video doesn't need to be anything fancy, it can be filmed from a computer camera or a smartphone. but with good quality.

  • Second Step : Upload the video on Instagram, your post should be followed by #CUFA_camp2019.
  • Third Step : Send the video to the following email:

Selection :

The selection process includes two criteria:

  1. The strength and the quality of your video.
  2. The video will be shared on CUFA Facebook page and social media, the videos with most votes from followers will be the winning ones.

Winners :

The first 10 winners: they are going to attend a fully funded camp, that covers: 

    • Participation fees 
    • Travel cost 
    • Accommodation 

Accommodation does not cover: travel cost. 

The other participants: they are going to pay the travel cost and the participation fees 150 euro. Accommodation and meals covered.